The club exists to promote and further the technical and social aspects of Amateur Radio and Electronics in the community by providing a forum for the exchange of information and ideas through formal talks, training, visits, field events, competitions, group discussions and social events. Our history can be traced back to the Norwood and South London RSGB Group in January 1952 with the previous club name (Crystal Palace & District Radio Club) first appearing in January 1956. The club callsign G2LW is activated at meetings, field days, the club net and special events.

The club has a written constitution and is managed by an annually elected committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to four ordinary members. Accounts are audited by a member who is not an elected officer or committee member.

Membership is open to any person who is interested in amateur radio or a related electronic subject and wishes to take part in and contribute to club activities. Members pay an annual subscription and a meeting fee - see lower down this page for details.

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Membership Benefits:

Other club activities include:

The club is affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and its activities are regularly publicised via the RGSB News Service GB2RS, in Radio Communication a number of consumer electronic magazines, local newspapers, Croydon Council's web page and the library system. Contact is maintained with a number of adjacent clubs by the exchange of newsletters and diaries of events.

Visitors are always welcome.

Club Subscriptions

The costs of running the club are currently divided into two parts - an annual subscription which covers the newsletter and various infrastructure costs and a meeting fee which covers the meeting room rent and refreshments. These charges are reviewed annually by the committee and agreed by members.

Currently the annual subscription is GBP12.00 and the meeting fee is GBP1.00 per meeting attended, paid at the meeting. Additional family members who do not require a newsletter will pay a reduced annual subscription of GBP4.00.

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